Medical Courier Service

Action Logistics is the east coasts most trusted med­ical deliv­ery ser­vice. That’s because we under­stand med­ical deliv­er­ies can lit­er­ally make the dif­fer­ence between life and death.

Action Logistics pro­vides high qual­ity, cost effec­tive solu­tions in the fol­low­ing disciplines:

Action Logistics has the tech­ni­cal train­ing to han­dle, pack­age, ship and track the fol­low­ing items:

Our dri­vers boast unpar­al­leled lev­els of safety and com­pli­ance training.

Cur­rent Train­ing Includes:

Addi­tional Train­ing – Spe­cific to position

When you work with Action Logistics, we work for you.